Best Acrylic Kitchen Sinks

Acrylic kitchen sinks are made out of plastic, fiberglass, and resin. They are popular for being inexpensive and lightweight, and they come in a variety of different colors and designs. They can be installed with any countertop – even laminate.

Acrylic sinks will not stain or rust, and scratches can be sanded and polished out. They also provide some “cushion” so even if you drop some dishes they won’t break as easily. However, one drawback is that they are less tolerant to heat as most other materials. Still, a good acrylic sink should be able to withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dekor Englewood (33”, Double Bowl, Drop-In)

Dekor is a reliable brand for acrylic kitchen sinks. The Dekor Englewood acrylic sink has a functional design. It has two equally-sized bowls that are 9 inches deep and a drop-in mount for easy installation. You can install this sink with any countertop because acrylic sinks are lightweight.

The Englewood comes in over 30 colors and shades of colors. You can buy the sink with zero to five pre-drilled holes for the faucet and other accessories depending on what you want. The standard is four.  The dimensions of the Englewood are 33” by 19”.

Dekor Brookwood (33”, Single Bowl, Drop-In)

The Dekor Brookwood is like the Englewood except it has a single bowl instead of a double bowl. This would be better suited for people who want an extra large space to work with and don’t need to divide up tasks. It is a little bit larger than the Englewood, with dimensions at 33” by 22”, but is still considered the standard size for kitchen sinks at 33” and will fit in any kitchen without any problems.

You can buy the sink with as little as zero to as many as five pre-drilled holes for the faucet and other accessories. Like the Englewood it has a drop-in mount so installation is simple. Just about anyone can install this sink on their own because acrylic sinks are lightweight and with a drop-in sink, you don’t have to cut out your countertops exactly to fit.

Dekor Brookwood (33”, Single Bowl, Undermount)

If you want your sink to be installed in your countertop with cleaner lines, the Brookwood also comes in undermount style. Its dimensions are 33” by 22” so it is a bit larger than most undermount sinks, but you should still have enough counter space to install faucets and other accessories in your countertops. This sink doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes or space to put them. Since this is an acrylic sink, it’s one of the easier undermount sinks to install because of its light weight.

Karran Meridian (33”, Double Bowl, Undermount)

Alongside Dekor, Karran is a reliable brand for acrylic kitchen sinks. Their products are backed by a 50-year limited warranty. The Karran Meridian is a double bowl, undermount sink. What’s great about this sink is the drain is located near the divider at the top instead of the center, so it gives you an uninterrupted space closest to the body to work with.

The sink has dimension of 33” by 19” which is quite standard for an undermount sink. At 19” wide it should give you enough space to make a hole in your countertop for the faucet. It has a depth of 9”.  It will install with any countertop and even though it is an undermount sink, it is easy to install because of its lightweight. It comes in white or bisque.