Best Affordable Garbage Disposal

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If you’re looking for the most affordable garbage disposal for your kitchen, then this list is for you.

When putting together this list we weren’t only looking at price. We wanted to make sure that you would be paying for something that works well. So naturally, we selected garbage disposals from only two of the top brands: Waste King and InSinkErator. The other thing we looked at was motor size. These garbage disposals had to have at least a 3/4 horsepower motor. Anything smaller would result in jams or would under perform while grinding most foods. Finally, we only listed continuous feed garbage disposals because they are generally cheaper than batch feed garbage disposals. To understand their differences, please read this article.

So without further delay, here are the best affordable garbage disposals, starting with the cheapest.

1. Waste King Legend 3200 and 9940 – (Approx. $100)

For approximately 100 bucks, the Waste King Legend 3200 and 9940 garbage disposals are sure to give the best value for your dollar. You won’t find anything else with a 3/4 horsepower motor or larger at this price. They will be adequate for grinding most foods. The main buyers of the Waste King 3200 and 9940 are people who upgrade from cheaper models that have a 1/2 horsepower motor and find that they just couldn’t do the job. The 3200 and 9940 are the next step up. If you’re unfamiliar, the 3200 and 9940 are essentially the same model but have different mounts. Read our review to learn more.

2. Waste King Legend 3300 and 9950 – (Approx. $120 – $140)

Interested in the Waste King Legend 3200 and 9940 from above? Have a big family? Then the Waste King Legend 3300 and 9950 might be the better choice. For an extra 20-40 bucks, the Waste King Legend 3300 and 9950 have larger chambers. They also have 2 more years of warranty from Waste King (10 years compared to 8 years). Otherwise, they all have the same size motor. Check out our review here.

3. Waste King Legend 8000 and 9980 – (Approx. $125 – $160) – GRIND THAT GARBAGE PICK

The Waste King Legend 8000 and 9980 are great garbage disposals because they are equipped with 1.0 horsepower motors and are sold at a great price. What’s even more impressive is they come with lifetime warranty. If you can find this for around the $150 price range, we say it’s a good buy. Many people who want a powerful motor just skip the 3/4 horsepower models mentioned above and pay a little extra for the Waste King Legend 8000 and 9980 and the stronger motor. Here is our review.

4. InSinkErator Evolution Compact – (Approx. $175)

If you affordability AND style is what you’re looking for, then you’ll have to take a look at the InSinkErator Evolution Compact garbage disposal. It comes with a 3/4 horsepower motor and being an InSinkErator disposal, it has significant noise reduction. It’s about 40% quieter than the average disposal. In general, we think that InSinkErator pays more attention to design than Waste King. So if you want something more refined, so to speak, then the InSinkErator Evolution Compact is an option to look at. It is the most affordable InSinkErator Evolution model. See our review here.