Best Composite Kitchen Sinks

Composite kitchen sinks are made out of a mixture of quartz, granite and an acrylic or polyester resin. They’re as tough as stainless steel, have a high resistance to heat, and don’t scratch or stain. But hard water spots will show if not wiped dry. They are also quite dense so they can dampen sound.

A good quality composite sink should be made up of at least 80 percent granite. Because composite sinks are available in a variety of colors, inexpensive, and durable, they are just as popular as stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Kraus KGU-413B (31”, Single Bowl, Undermount)

The Kraus KGU-413B is an undermount composite sink. It is made out of 80 percent granite that looks and feels like real stone. The quality is superb and it is a good value sink given its low price tag. It’s great at absorbing sound and has a high resistance to heat. There aren’t a lot of composite undermount options that match this sink in terms of quality and price.

With dimensions at 31” by 17” by 9”, it can feel a bit smaller than the standard kitchen sink. However it can fit a minimum cabinet space of 33 inches and you have a good amount of clearance to install faucet holes in your countertop. Given its single bowl configuration it provides a large space to work with. It is only available in Black Onyx. The quality, price, and simplicity are what make this sink a popular buy.

Blanco Diamond (33”, Double Bowl, Drop-In/Undermount)

If you are looking for a double bowl composite sink we would recommend the Blanco Diamond. This sink comes in drop-in and undermount styles. It is available in a number of colors as well as bowl configurations. You can get equally-sized bowls or offset bowls. With the offset bowls, the larger bowl can be on either side too. The sink is made out of 80 percent granite.

The dimensions are roughly 32” or 33” by 19” to 22” and the bowl depth is 9.5”.

Blanco Valea (31”, Single Bowl, Undermount)

The Blanco Valea is a gorgeous single bowl composite sink. Instead of being a squared rectangle like the Kraus, this sink has rounded corners and curved edges. It is available in 8 colors and made out of 80 percent granite. You will require a minimum 36” cabinet to install this sink. Its dimensions are roughly 31” by 18” and it has a bowl depth of 9.5”. The quality of the sink is superb and it feels like real stone. This composite sink will add some elegance to your kitchen for sure.

Blanco Precis (31”, Single Bowl, Undermount)

The Blanco Precis achieves a middle ground between the Kraus and Valea sinks. It’s almost squared like the Kraus, yet it has rounded corners and an undermount style like the Valea. The Precis is a single bowl sink made out of 80 percent granite. It comes in 8 colors like the Valea. The quality and build is just like the Valea. The dimensions of this sink are about 31” by 18” with a bowl depth of 9.5”.

Lexicon Platinum (32”, Single/Double Bowl, Drop-In/Undermount)

The Lexicon Platinum sink is very similar to the Blanco Precis, but is slightly larger. It is made out of 80 percent quartz, which is a material partially found in granite and what makes granite tough. It is an extremely beautiful and heavy-duty sink that comes in five colors. You can get it in a double, equal bowl configuration or a single bowl configuration. Its dimensions are 32” by 19” with a bowl depth of 9”. It has a dual-mount rim for both undermount and drop-in installations.