Best Copper Kitchen Sinks

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Copper sinks stand out among all the other materials for kitchen sinks due to their looks and natural properties. Copper does not rust and they inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Each copper sink will also develop a natural patina, giving the sink a one-of-a-kind appearance. This patina is essentially a darkening of the “raw” state of a new copper sink. It’s also possible to seal the initial look of a new copper sink with a polish, but this will inhibit the copper’s anti-bacterial properties.

Like stainless steel, copper is lightweight and the thickness of copper is measured in gauge. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the copper. A good quality copper sink will have a minimum thickness of 18 gauge.

You would have no problems installing a garbage disposal with a copper sink. And you don’t have to do much to maintain your sink – simply wash with soap and water. While some view copper sinks as outdated, they surprisingly add a nice contrast to modern kitchens.

Sinkology Adams (33”, 16 Gauge Copper, Single Basin, Farmhouse)

Sinkology makes tons of copper sinks and their Adams 33” farmhouse style, handmade copper sink is a beautiful, well-constructed product. It is made out of 16 gauge copper which is between 0.063″ to 0.068″ thick and considered a great thickness for copper sinks. It is handcrafted and hand-finished by skilled craftsmen. It is a single basin sink with the dimensions at 33” by 22” by 9” and is recommended for installation with a minimum 36” cabinet.

Sinkology Ganku (33”, 16 Gauge Copper, Single Basin, Farmhouse)

For those looking for some artistic detail in their copper sink, the Sinkology Ganku should fit the bill. It is a farmhouse style sink that features a hand-embossed scroll detail on the front side. The sink is inspired by Japanese artist Kishi Ganku who is known for his scroll paintings. These kinds of decorative, artistic detail are possible only on copper sinks, which is another distinctive feature of copper sinks.

The Ganku is made out of 16 gauge copper and has the same dimensions as the Sinkology Adams. So besides being a delight to look at, it is also a solid piece of construction.

Sinkology Orwell (30”, 16 Gauge Copper, Single Basin, Undermount)

With the Orwell undermount sink you can create a seamless look between your sink and the countertop. Just like the other Sinkology sinks, this one is handmade out of 16 gauge copper and features a single basin. Its dimensions are 30” by 18” with a basin depth of 8”, which gives you the right amount of space to undermount this sink and install holes for the faucet on the countertop.

Despite being an undermount sink, this should be a breeze to install because it weighs only about 30 pounds, whereas cast iron sinks can weigh over 100 pounds. The Orwell has a beautiful hammered pattern unique to copper sinks.

Sinkology Angelico (33”, 17 Gauge Copper, Single Basin, Drop-In)

The Angelico drop-in kitchen sink by Sinkology will allow you to easily install and replace your existing sink. It is handmade out of 17 gauge copper and features a decorative hammered pattern. It comes with 3 pre-drilled holes for the faucet. Its dimensions are 33” by 22” so it can replace a standard kitchen sink and will fit most standard cabinets. It has a basin depth of 8”. As a drop-in copper sink the rim is visible so you can use it to make a decorative statement in the kitchen.