Best Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

On the surface fireclay sinks may look like cast iron sinks, but their material and construction processes differ. Fireclay kitchen sinks are made by molding clay into the shape of a kitchen sink, adding a glaze, and then firing it at temperatures higher than cast iron sinks. This process allows the clay and the glaze to bond with one another, essentially becoming “one”, and results in a heavy-duty sink.

Fireclay sinks are tougher than cast iron sinks, but they come in fewer color options and are more expensive. They are mostly found in apron front/farmhouse style and in white. Their ultra tough nature might not give you as much flexibility against the vibrations of a garbage disposal. As such, they can crack if you install a garbage disposal too tightly. But they will not rust when cracked like cast iron sinks because they aren’t made of metals.

Barclay FS30 (30”, Single Bowl, Farmhouse)

The Barclay FS30 is a 30” fireclay kitchen sink. You won’t have any problems installing this sink with a garbage disposal, even with the offset drain. It is a farmhouse style sink so the front of it will be exposed and the bowl feels particularly large even for a 30” sink.

Being a farmhouse style sink it has a large, deep functional space. Its dimensions are roughly 30” by 18” and it has a bowl depth of 10”. You should be able to install it with a standard 33” kitchen cabinet. The color is white. Overall, it’s one of the most beautiful and sturdily-built fireclay sinks we’ve seen.

LaToscana LFS3318W (33”, Single Bowl, Farmhouse)

The LaToscana fireclay farmhouse sink is unique because it is reversible. It features a decorative fluted design on one side and a smooth design on the other side. So you can choose which side you want exposed. The sink comes in white. The dimensions are 33” by 18” and it has a bowl depth of 10”. You can install a garbage disposal with this sink without any problems. This fireclay sink will appeal to those looking for a large sink with a decorative design.

Rohl Shaws UM3018WH (30”, Single Bowl, Undermount)

This Rohl sink is a 30” single bowl, undermount sink. Shaws is the line of fireclay sinks made by Rohl. This one has a bowl depth of 10”. It is rare to find an undermount fireclay sink but this one is as good as it gets. It comes in white or parchment and the drain sits right in the middle of the sink. You can install a garbage disposal with this sink too.

Barclay FS31 (31”, Double Bowl, Farmhouse)

For those looking for a double bowl fireclay sink, the Barclay FS31 is a great choice. It has two beautifully-shaped, equally-sized bowls. Just like the FS30 the sink has a beautiful design overall. The dimensions are 31” by 19” and although a bit larger than the FS30, it has a shallower depth at 7”. Like the FS30, it is available in white only and you can install a garbage disposal with this sink.