Best Triple Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Triple bowl kitchen sinks are invaluable to those who love to cook. They are most common in commercial kitchens. They typically feature a smaller bowl in between two larger bowls. The smaller bowl is normally used for food prep: washing fruit and veggies, handling meat, filling jars, and more.

When you’re working with many tools and ingredients in the kitchen, having an extra sink bowl can make a huge difference.

A drawback, though, is that triple bowl sinks usually take up the most space, meaning you’ll have a bit less counter space to use.

While standard kitchen sinks measure 33” wide from left to right, a decent sized triple bowl sink measures at least 35” wide. They may not fit those standard 36” kitchen base cabinets.

But if you have plenty of space in the kitchen and cook a lot, triple bowl kitchen sinks may be the best configuration for you.

Ruvati RVH8500 (35”, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel, Undermount)

The Ruvati RVH8500 is hands down the best triple bowl sink you will find for the home. What makes this sink special is the shape and design. While it is only a 35” sink, it features three large bowls.

The two larger bowls are 9 inches deep and they bend in a way that makes the bowls as large as possible. The bowl in the middle is tucked in to give you space to install the faucet.

The dimensions of this sink are 35” by 19.5”. It is an undermount sink. The best thing about this sink is that it will fit your standard 36” kitchen base cabinet. So most people don’t have to adjust their cabinets to install this sink.

In terms of the construction, the sink is made out of 304 grade 16 gauge stainless steel. So the steel is 1.5 mm thick and of high quality. It will endure anything you throw at it.

Overall, this is a beautiful sink with a very nice – and functional – design.

Premier Copper Products KTDB422210 (42”, 14 Gauge Copper, Undermount/Drop-In)

While copper sinks may not appeal to everyone, this Premier Copper Products triple bowl sink is a great product. Copper is an underrated material due to the popularity of new metals such as stainless steel. But it has properties that make it unique.

For example, copper can naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. You don’t need anything particular to clean a copper sink other than your regular soap and water. Copper is lightweight. And it also has an ability to take on a natural patina to give it a one-of-a-kind look.

The thickness of copper is measured in gauge like stainless steel. The lower this number, the thicker the material and the stronger and better it is. This particular sink is made out of 14 gauge copper which is considered the best thickness for copper sinks.

The dimensions of this sink are 42” by 22” by 10”. You’ll get three nicely-sized bowls with this sink.

The sink can be installed by undermount or drop-in. You will need a minimum cabinet size of 45” to install this sink.

MR Direct 4521 (43”, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel, Undermount)

This MR Direct triple bowl sink is a popular sink because it is a well-constructed product with three large bowls. The overall dimensions of this sink are 43” by 21” and the bowls have a depth of 8.5”.

It is made out of a high quality steel with a thickness of 16 gauge. This sink is great at dampening sound with built-in pads underneath the sink.

Compared to the Ruvati, this one has rounded bowls and it is wider. You will need a cabinet of at least 45” to install this sink.

If you are looking for a large, quality stainless steel triple bowl sink, this is the one to get.