Moen GX50C (1/2 HP) Review

Among all the garbage disposals with a 1/2 horsepower or less motor, nothing impresses us more than the Moen GX50C. So while we normally don’t recommend these weaker, noisier garbage disposals, the Moen GX50C 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal is an exception. At first glance, the features are impressive. It has a beautiful black casing, a 2600 revolutions per minute 1/2 horsepower motor, a pre-installed power cord so you don’t have to worry about electrical wiring as you would with other disposals, a 4-year limited warranty with in-home service, and a continuous feed mouth with stainless steel (not galvanized steel) grind components. When you compare this to other budget models it is a very attractive buy.  

The Moen GX50C has the following features:

  • 1/2 horsepower motor rotating at 2600 revolutions per minute for powerful grinding.
  • “SoundSHIELD” sound deadening insulation.
  • Compact design. Specific measurements are 7.5 inches wide and just over 13 inches tall.
  • As claimed by Moen, it can be used with “properly sized septic tanks”.
  • Continuous feed technology with stainless steel grind components.
  • 4-year limited warranty with in-home service.
  • Pre-installed power cord which removes easily for optional hardwiring.
  • Easy-to-install mount which will fit existing 3-bolt mounts like the one from InSinkErator disposals.

1/2 Horsepower Motor

There are many reasons why we don’t recommend getting garbage disposals with less than a 3/4 horsepower motor. Among them is the limitation of what you can and cannot put in a garbage disposal because you’d end up causing jams or breaking it. These weaker motors simply do not have the power to chew through tough foods. So while we are hesitant to recommend them, the Moen GX50C sure gets us to look at 1/2 horsepower motor garbage disposals with a new pair of eyes. We were able to test this model out first-hand. This motor rotates at 2600 RPM and chews up scraps quite well. We’d imagine you could get away with replacing an old 3/4 horsepower motor with it and it would perform just as well.

Four-year Warranty

While it is no match for companies that provide 10-year or even lifetime warranties such as Waste King, Moen does provide a four-year limited warranty with this garbage disposal and with it, in-home service. Anytime the garbage disposal stops working because of defects in material or workmanship, Moen will come to your house and repair or replace your product free of charge. Four-year coverage is good. As this is a cheaper model, if it lasts longer than 4-5 years, you’re laughing! One of the questions we get asked quite a bit is if warranties on garbage disposals are transferrable. For instance, you may have purchased a new home that comes with one already installed, or you may have purchased an old model off of someone. The answer depends on the manufacturer, but we can tell you for sure is that with regards to Moen, the warranty is not transferrable. So it is only valid with the person/resident with whom the garbage disposal was originally installed or the first purchaser. 

What’s In The Box

  • Drain elbow & mounting assembly
  • Drain stopper
  • Power cord
  • Sink flange
  • Splash guard
  • Installation instructions

Moen GX50C Customer Reviews

We’re telling you that this is a great 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal. But don’t just rely on our word. We looked at what other people thought about this disposal as well, so in this section we want to give you a better idea using the opinions of other actual purchasers. So here’s the results of those reviews of the Moen GX50C by those customers.

The Positives: Power Cord, Design, Overall Performance

Some of the frequently-mentioned positives about the Moen GX50C is the beauty of the design and the ease-of-installation thanks to the pre-installed power cord. We do feel that the Moen is a very beautiful garbage disposal. Even though it’s going to be hidden under the sink, it’s just nice to have a beautiful piece of technology. The garbage disposal is black, and most of its components are made of stainless steel. The shell is simple yet it seems like it was made by a German car company. It’s very sleek and modern. In regards to the power cord, most people seemed to like that half the work was already done for them in the installation process. They just had to connect all the pipes and plug it in, instead of messing around with the electrical components as some garbage disposals require hardwiring. Overall, for a 1/2 horsepower motor product, comments were that it works well.

The Negatives: Noise Level

While we weren’t surprised that the Moen GX50C was noisier than the more advanced models, it seemed to be an area of complaint by other customers. What surprises some people is that they expect a lower horsepower motor to produce less noise than a higher horsepower motor. But in reality, the higher horsepower garbage disposals have all the bells and whistles, including quality sound insulation that helps mute sounds from grinding. So purchasers of garbage disposals and those looking at this one need to understand that the Moen GX50C is a budget model garbage disposal that does not have the expensive sound insulation features as the pricier garbage disposals.

Should you buy the Moen GX50C?

We think this garbage disposal is an attractive option for those looking for a cheap garbage disposal with a great warranty coverage and sleek design. It will definitely work well for light users and well enough for heavier users. Even though it only has a 1/2 horsepower motor, the 2,600 RPM allows it to jam less. If you don’t mind a little noise, and budget, design, and warranty are more important, then pick the Moen GX50C.

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