My garbage disposal just hums. What’s wrong with it?

One of the issues you will encounter when using a garbage disposal is that when you go to turn it on, all it does is produce a humming noise. Do not replace your garbage disposal yet! This is a very common issue. The great news is that it is generally easy to fix. You can typically get it back up and running in a matter of minutes.

The first thing you will want to do is grab the Allen wrench that came with your garbage disposal. If you did not get one with your garbage disposal, go to your hardware store and pick up a 1/4-inch-sized Allen wrench. This is a great little tool to have on hand because it can be used to fix a lot of common garbage disposal problems. It is one of the most effective tools to fix a humming garbage disposal.

First things first, why is your garbage disposal humming? It is important to understand that a humming garbage disposal means there is power because there is noise coming out of it. If the disposal is getting power and not functioning, it is generally due to a jam.  

Before you begin tackling the humming problem, you should first cut the power supply for the garbage disposal by turning off the switch and unplugging it. It would also be a good idea to go to the circuit breaker and shut off the switch that serves the garbage disposal.

Next, take a look through the drain hole to see if you can identify the source of the jam. If you see that something is stuck, you can attempt to take it out by using a pair of tongs. Alternatively, you can try to use a wooden spoon and try to poke it free. Removing the object should fix the jam and your humming garbage disposal. You can plug it back in and switch it back on.

If that doesn’t fix your garbage disposal, or you are unable to locate the jam, grab your Allen wrench. Then look underneath your garbage disposal and insert the Allen wrench in the breaker socket. This would be the hole that is right in the center. Twist the wrench several times until you clear up the jam.  

Another thing you might have to do when trying to fix your humming garbage disposal is to push the reset button underneath the disposal. When your garbage disposal hums, it might automatically turn off because of safety measures. The reset button would pop out, and you would have to push it back in. Otherwise the disposal will not turn on.

Once you tried all our advice, the humming noise should be gone. But what if your garbage disposal still does not function properly? Unfortunately, there is a good chance that your garbage disposal has finally given in. Rather than spend lots of money trying to fix an old disposal, it would be a better idea to replace it with a new garbage disposal. You can browse our disposal reviews to see some of the best and latest models for sale today.

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