How do I pick an instant hot water tap/dispenser?

InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Tank
InSinkErator instant hot water tank and filter.

Once you’ve made the choice to install an instant hot water dispenser under your kitchen sink, you’ll be making your life a lot easier by reducing the time it takes to do a number of different tasks.

Some of its common uses are: cook vegetables, boil pasta, sterilize and warm baby bottles, make cup noodles, make coffee or tea instantly (great for hosting guests), clean stubborn stains on utensils and dishes, thaw frozen food, or loosen jar lids.

You’ll even find new ways to use your instant hot water tap – it’s that handy.

But how do you pick an instant hot water dispenser that’s right for your kitchen? The good news is that aside from a few features, instant hot water dispensers are quite standard. Here, we go over some of the decision factors that might influence your choice.


The first one is volume. Typically, instant hot water taps for homes have a reservoir to keep hot water ready at all times. The bigger the reservoir, the more hot water it can dispense, but the bigger the space it will need to fit under your kitchen sink. So there is a tradeoff to consider.

For most families, a 2/3 gallon or 2.5 to 3 liter hot water dispenser will be the perfect size. It can pour over 10 full cups (236 milliliter cups) of water. As the water is dispensed, fresh water flows into the tank to be heated again. The best instant hot water dispensers should have minimal reheat time.

Hot Only or Hot & Cool

The second factor to consider is whether you want a tap that dispenses only hot water or both hot and cold water. Most people go for the hot only option because they can get cold water from their main tap, and buying the hot and cool taps will usually cost more money. But some people like the option of having an extra cold water tap running.

You can also run the taps simultaneously to produce warm water. Another benefit is that you can attach a water filter to your water supply and to the dispenser so that you can get cold filtered drinking water from the tap.

Faucet Style

When you buy a complete instant hot water tap system, it will come with the tank and a faucet. Companies typically make only one or two tank styles and sell them alongside a number of different faucet styles that the customer can choose from. So when you pick a system, consider the kind of faucet you want.

Do you want something with a push and pull lever? Or do you want a faucet with a twist handle? Do you want a faucet that’s more simple and modern? Or do you want a faucet with beautiful, antique detail? You can also choose between a wide range of finishes such as satin, chrome, bronze, white, black, and more.

You might need to purchase the tank and faucet separately, but more and more we see companies selling both items together. In fact, sometimes the tank is priced higher than buying both the tank and faucet together.

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