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If you just bought a garbage disposal for the very first time, it can be intimidating to install on your own. In this article, we try to teach those with zero experience how to install a garbage disposal. You’ll learn what materials and tools you’ll need to do the job and the exact steps to take.

If you’re replacing a garbage disposal, you would first remove your old disposal by reversing our instructions. Depending on which disposal you bought, you may or may not have to replace the mount before installing the new disposal.

General information before we start: We want to first mention that your garbage disposal will have a discharge pipe that attaches to the drain pipe. For those with a dishwasher, you will be able to hook up the garbage disposal using the dishwasher outlet and a hose. Depending on your disposal, you will need an electrical outlet (under the sink) to plug in the disposal. Don’t have one? Ask a licensed electrician to install and double check with them on the proper way to connect your disposal.

Whether you are installing a Waste King disposal, InSinkErator disposal, or any other disposal, the steps are similar. So let’s begin!

Tools & Materials Required

Tools: Bucket, hammer, adjustable pliers, screwdriver, putty knife

Materials: Garbage disposal, plumber’s putty

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Turn off the power at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Place a bucket under your P-trap pipe to catch any residue and disconnect the drain pipes.

Step 2: Using your pliers, remove the existing strainer. Clean up any plumber’s putty and debris before you install the new mounting assembly of your new garbage disposal.

Step 3: Make a rope of plumber’s putty, put it around the new flange, and press it in place into the sink opening.

InSinkErator Flange

This is the flange. It will probably come pre-assembled with the other parts of the mount. It might be a good idea to take note of the order of the parts before removing it.

Complete InSinkErator Mounting Assembly

Step 4: To install the bottom side of the mount, first open up the screw all the way out to give yourself room to work with. Then, make sure the fiber gasket is on top, followed by the upper mounting ring and the lower mounting ring. Push these pieces up on the flange and hold them in place with the snap ring. Using your screwdriver, tighten the screws firmly to hold everything in place, making sure nothing moves. Remove any excess putty you see.

Note: Mounts will differ between disposals! The one we detailed is a typical InSinkErator mount. Check your instruction manual for precise instructions.

Step 5: Need to connect the disposer to the dishwasher? Use a hammer to knock out the plug.

Step 6: Hang the disposal by aligning the mounting tabs. Using the supplied wrench and a screwdriver, twist the disposal to secure it in place.

Step 7: Insert the discharge tailpipe and clamp on the disposal. Rotate the disposal to align the discharge pipe and your drain trap. Then tighten. If you have a dishwasher, insert the dishwasher tube into the disposal and secure with the clamp.

Step 8: Test the installation by putting the stopper in the sink drain and filling the sink with water. Check for leaks under the sink too.

Step 9: If everything looks good, plug the disposal.

Step 10: Turn the power back on.

Video Instructions

This is a great installation video put together by InSinkErator that details the steps you’ll take to install a garbage disposal. If you have a Waste King disposal, this video will also be helpful towards your installation.

Hire a professional

Do you need help? Professional installation is available through Amazon.

Cost to install garbage disposal

If you plan on hiring someone to install or replace your garbage disposal, it will cost around $150 to $200 for labor (excluding materials and garbage disposal cost). This typically includes the cost to remove your old disposal. If you need to hire an electrician to install a circuit and switch for your disposal, it will cost you about $500 to $600 for labor. Your local labor rates may vary but we want to give you some ballpark figures so you’ll know approximately how much you’ll spend on the installation.

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