How to use a garbage disposal?

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While garbage disposals have slight operational differences among each other, you’ll generally have to ensure you do the following:

  • Run your garbage disposal with a steady flow of cold water. Continue to run the water for 15 seconds after grinding is complete. Why use cold water? Cold water solidifies any grease or oil so that it can be chopped up before traveling through your pipes. You don’t want this to accumulate and clog your pipes! When not actually grinding food, it’s okay to drain hot water through the garbage disposer.
  • Cut large items into small pieces before inserting into the garbage disposal.
  • Don’t overstuff your garbage disposal. Give it time to grind pieces or small batches at a time to avoid malfunction and damage.
  • Run your garbage disposal regularly to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Never pour grease, oil or any other fat into your disposer or drain. Again, you don’t want clogged pipes!