What’s the difference between 3-Bolt and EZ Mount?

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Garbage disposals have two types of mounts: 3-bolt mount and EZ mount. If you have an existing model, the odds are nearly 100% that it is equipped with a 3-bolt mount.

Today, Waste King makes both 3-bolt mount and EZ mount garbage disposals. InSinkErator, on the other hand, only makes the EZ mount style which they call “Quick Lock Sink Mount”.

So what’s the main difference between 3-bolt mount and EZ mount? According to Waste King, there are two main differences. First, the 3-bolt mount is made of stainless steel material while the EZ mount is made of aluminum material. This gives the 3-bolt mount a more solid construction. Second, the 3-bolt mount has a built-in hush cushion while the EZ mount has a removable splash guard. This makes the EZ mount easier to clean.

In terms of motor and performance, there is absolutely no difference between 3-bolt and EZ mount models.

In terms of installation, many people get the impression that the EZ mount is easier to install. But in reality, both the 3-bolt and EZ mount are easy enough for the person with minimal plumbing experience to install. The only difference is the amount of steps you’ll take to install. But you’re only going to be doing the installation once so don’t let it override your judgement. Instead, think about your preferences for aluminum/stainless steel material or an easier to clean design.